Event MC

Monica is best described as warm, funny and a lover of people. If you’re looking for a dynamic MC, Monica is your lady!

Having worked in TV production and a regular on the comedy circuit, including performances at Sydney Opera House, The Comedy Store and Adelaide and Melbourne Comedy Festival, she brings a unique blend of skills to the table.

She’s as comfortable getting her hands dirty behind the scenes as she is front and centre, creating a warm vibe and managing the energy in the room.

Your speakers will feel supported by her and your audience will feel relaxed, happy and energised, as Monica seamlessly weaves various elements of your event together.

“With humour and witty segues she was able keep the audience constantly engaged and buoyed up.”
Nick Harding, Consultant

“Extremely professional, funny and warm. I highly recommend Monica for any MC role.”
Fiona Stacey, Specialised Events

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