Broadcast your Book PR System

Are you an expert author who is writing or has published a book?

Don’t let it just sit on the shelves gathering dust. Make it work for you!.

Do you want your book to help you:

1. Increase your credibility by becoming a ‘go-to’ media expert?

2. Create more opportunities to amplify your message?

3. Convert leads to sales?

I can help you!

Click on the PDF for more info:



I have created the Magnify Me PR system, a subscription-based program, designed to position thought leaders such as yourself, as a consistent
media spokesperson, at a fraction of the cost of a typical PR retainer.




Step 1: Media Mindset
A one-on-one full day session with Monica to:

  • Deep dive into your area of expertise, identify target audience/media
  • Workshop newsworthy angles perfect for TV, online newsites, magazines, radio etc
  • Show you how to write a pitch email that gets cut-through
  • Craft your key messages
  • Train you to make the most of your media interviews
  • Identify opportunities to use your media exposure to convert leads to sales
  • Create a potential 12 month PR calendar

Step 2: Media Radar

  • Monthly or bi-monthly check-ins with Monica to identify media angles to be pitched out
  • You write your media pitch to be edited by Monica’s team of experience PR experts
  • Your media angles pitched out monthly or bi-monthly by Monica’s team to keep you front and centre

Step 3: Media Results

  • Each quarter you’ll receive a report outlining the angles that were pitched out and where you appeared in the media



This program isn’t for everyone. It’s limited to 12 monthly members. The program is perfect for you if:

  • You’re an expert in your field with valuable opinions and insights to share
  • You have ideas, but lack the media contacts – that’s where I come in
  • You want a PR solution without paying a premium fee
  • You understand the value that consistent media exposure brings to your business


Top of your game

  • Annual Subscription / paid monthly / 90 day trial
  • Annual Media Mindset one-on-one session
  • Monthly meeting
  • Monthly pitch (15 hours)
  • 12/36 media clippings per year*
  • $5,500 / Media Mindset session
  • $2,300 / month


Playing the game

  • Annual subscription / paid monthly / 90 day trial
  • Annual Media Mindset one-on-one session
  • Bi-monthly meeting
  • Bi-monthly pitch (15 hours)
  • 6/18 media clippings per year*
  • $5,500 / Media Mindset session
  • $1,150 / month


Sampling the game

  • Monthly subscription / cancel any time
  • Flexibility to transfer to annual package
  • Annual Media Mindset one-on-one session
  • Monthly pitch (15 hours)
  • Monthly meeting
  • 12/36 media clippings per year*
  • $6,600 / Media Mindset session
  • $2,750 / month

“Being interviewed by The Weekend Today Show on my idea of Useful Belief and my book The Simple Shift has opened up a world of opportunity.”

Chris Helder, International keynote speaker and author

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