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How persuasive is your personal brand?

Do you have any idea of the perception that others have of you?

Are you clear on the values you want to portray to clients, stakeholders and colleagues in order to persuade and influence effectively?

What are people saying when you’re not in the room?

In a world where being influential is paramount, it’s vital to master your personal brand to reach your business or organisation’s potential.

The best way to do that is by creating a personal brand that is authentic and consistent.

But what does this really mean and how do you do it with punch?

Monica decodes the science of a powerful personal brand, showing your teams and leaders how to become more influential, persuasive and amp up their professionalism.

Your audience will learn:

  • What is personal branding and why is it important for success today
  • Identifying the core values that create the foundation of how people perceive you
  • 3 step process to formulate a powerful personal brand
  • How to use your personal brand to increase your credibility, trust and influence
  • Monica’s 5 tips to amplify your personal brand for the benefit of your organisation or business

“Monica had participants laughing and crying while learning – pretty impressive!”
Sarah D’Arcy, Central and Eastern Sydney Primary Health Network


For a growth mindset and motivated team culture

You’re determined to make your presentation engaging, so that instead of the audience scrolling through their phone, they’re listening intently and absorbing your message.

You want to learn how to handle those pesky nerves so that you deliver your speech with confidence.

Is Imposter Syndrome holding your leaders, team or business back from reaching full potential?

Self-doubt makes people feel less motivated, stuck and fearful they are not good enough.

People suffering from Imposter Syndrome find it challenging to get ahead.

In her presentation, Monica provides a clear framework on how to start shifting Imposter Syndrome mindsets by tapping into their core values.

This presentation will help your delegates get out of their own way of achieving success.

Your audience will learn:

  • Defining Imposter Syndrome – what is it and how does it help or hinder you reaching your full potential
  • Transforming your mindset – Defining your values driven personal brand to shift your focus
  • Achieving your goals – Monica’s 3 step framework to overcome Imposter Syndrome and achieve your goals.

“Your presentation was a wonderful injection of positivity and practicality.”
Meg Hall, Chimu Adventures


How to use the media to become the master of your industry

“A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front-page ad” Richard Branson

“Why is my competitor being interviewed on TV again, when I’m the true expert?”   This is a common frustration felt by business owners.  The answer is simple.  They didn’t put themselves forward as a spokesperson while their competitor did – and got the story and the glory.

The media is thirsty for content, offering opportunities for business owners, leaders within organisations and experts to put themselves forward, stand out from their competitors and establish themselves as a premium offering.

With 25 years experience working in the media, Monica is THE expert when it comes to taking advantage of free media opportunities, providing your delegates with the know-how to approach journalists, get in the headlines and increase the credibility of their business.

After hearing Monica’s presentation, business owners regularly secure hundreds of thousands of dollars of free media exposure.

Needless to say, they’re thrilled she was part of the speaker line up.

Your Audience will learn:

  • How to capture a journalist’s attention by speaking to them in their language
  • 5 newsworthy angle ideas to consistently gain exposure in the media
  • The formula for spotting pitch-worthy news idea
  • The unexpected tricks of a PR rep and how to build your own ‘little black book’
  • How to combine media exposure with digital marketing to supercharge your brand’s visibility.

“Inspiring, humorous and Insightful. The audience loved it.”
Sarah Nally, CommBank

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