The inCredible Communication T.R.U.S.T. Methodology

TRUST is the fundamental ingredient to success in business and life. Each of the following workshops have been designed to help your leaders and teams, enhance trust with colleagues and clients.

The following workshops are ideal for corporate leaders and teams, franchise businesses, member driven organisations and SMEs.

They can be delivered as a one or two hour session, half or full day.

Transform Self-talk to Cure Imposter Syndrome

Move your People from self-doubt to Confidence, Clarity and a Can-do attitude

 This content will:

• Help your people become more resilient in times of uncertainty

• Motivate your leaders to step up, be confident, lead with integrity

• Move your team’s mindset from fear and doubt to confidence and inspiration

Redefine your Personal Brand

Decoding the science of being Remembered, Remarked upon and Revered

This content will:

• Transform your people into persuasive and respected leaders

• Get your people to understand, there’s more to personal branding than clothes,

hairstyle and social media followers.

• Help organisations attract their ideal customers/clients

Understand the Key to Leading with Integrity

Help your leaders become someone people want to follow

This content will:

• Shift your leaders from management to leadership mode

• Help leaders get the best out of their teams

• Create a happier workplace with loyal employees

Stand Out as THE expert authority for your industry

Become the ‘go-to’ media expert in your industry to attract ideal clients

This content will:

• Show businesses how to secure FREE ‘money-can’t-buy’ mass media exposure

• Help businesses attract dream clients through powerful content creation

• Position business owners as industry experts so they sell more

Turbo-charge your reputation for exceptional customer experience

Show your clients love to earn their loyalty and receive more referrals than you can handle

This content will:

• Help your people understand what it takes to create loyal clients

• Inspire your teams to consciously communicate with your clients

• Inspire your people to shift from a transactional to caring customer

service mindset

“Monica opened our audience to a whole new opportunity to grow their business”
Phil Leahy, CEO, Retail Global